National Numeracy Day – 18th May

5 May, 2022

National Numeracy Day is taking place on 18th May this year. This wonderful event is dedicated to everyday maths and is organised by independent charity National Numeracy. Health Education England is delighted to be a lead supporter of National Numeracy Day.

National Numeracy’s aim is to

“empower children and adults in the UK to get on with numbers so they can fulfil their potential at work, home and school.”

Check out all the activities taking place for this fantastic event:

  • The Big Number Natter  – It’s an opportunity to have a chat about numbers and change lives for the better.
  • National Numeracy Day Champions – As an organisation, take part in National Numeracy Day and help get the people you support or work with feeling number confident.
  • Recruiting School Champions – Check out the fantastic programme of exciting activities with our celebrity ambassadors to help increase positivity and number confidence for children across the nation.
  • Online Hubs – The National Numeracy Day website is the go-to destination for individuals.
  • The National Numeracy Challenge – This online tool builds numeracy skills and confidence, with 300+ everyday maths questions and tutorials and other resources

All apprentices need to meet minimum maths requirements within their apprenticeships and we recognise how challenging this can be.

Click here to find out more information about National Numeracy Day.

You can also find useful resources on our Skills for Life section.