NHS Employers: Higher Development Award Case Study

16 December, 2021

The Higher Development Award programme, which originated in London, is now being adopted by many regions across England.

It is a programme which forms part of a development pathway for Support Workers, enabling them to increase their skills to be in a position to access Apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships. Part of the award is completing the L2 Functional Skills qualification which is a requirement for the Apprenticeship Trainee Nursing Associate role.

Earlier this year a case study article for NHS Employers highlighted the benefit of the programme and employers contributed detailing how this has enhanced Support Worker confidence and skills.

This news item was updated recently to capture recent collaboration between employers and local FE colleges, working together to design the Higher Development Award for their region.

Click here to read this case study.

For further information about the programme please contact talentforcare@hee.nhs.uk