NHS England launches 10 AHP Enhanced Practice Apprenticeship Schemas!

9 May, 2024

NHS England has now launched AHP (Allied Health Professions) Enhanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeship schemas. These schemas and model curricula are for use by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to support the development of profession-specific approved programmes within their institution.

NHS England has also published an HEI guide to enhanced clinical practitioner apprenticeship for AHPs which includes an FAQ.

Professionals will access the apprenticeship to train to deliver a high standard of complex, enhanced care for patients, using enhanced levels of clinical judgement, skills and knowledge across four areas of practice; clinical, leadership and management, education and research.

To find out more about the AHPs who can now access the Enhanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeship, click here.

NHS England are supporting the priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan to help launch the Enhanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeships, check out our page on the Long Term Workforce Plan Hub here.