Number Confidence and Social Mobility

4 May, 2023

National Numeracy recently published new research that reveals fresh insight into the power of improving number confidence, as well as the rich and varied ways it can positively impact upon people’s lives, particularly when it comes to work opportunities and broader learning outcomes.

The resource found that:

  • Negative school maths experience is linked to lower number confidence and lower maths attainment.
  • Lower attainment and number confidence are also linked to a greater negative career impact (earnings, career choices and progression).
  • These issues disproportionately affect women, younger people and the unemployed.
  • Having used the National Numeracy Challenge, 38% of people improved their number confidence and over 70% of respondents demonstrably improved their number skills.

To boost opportunities for individuals and productivity across society, National Numeracy has developed three proposals which you can read more about in the full research here. 

You can access free support and resources for numeracy and maths skills on our Skills for Life section