Peer Worker Apprenticeship – Employer Toolkit

15 June, 2022

The Peer Worker Apprenticeship Trailblazer group are currently awaiting funding band approval for their standard, following this the apprenticeship will be approved for delivery. In preparation, the trailblazer group have developed an Employer Toolkit. This resource will support employers and wider stakeholders to:

  • Understand more about the Peer Worker Apprenticeship standard
  • Gain an understanding of possible progression opportunities after a member of staff has completed the Peer Worker Apprenticeship
  • Develop knowledge of how apprenticeships can form part of a career pathway
  • Provide options for service leads whose Peer Workers may not be eligible to undertake the apprenticeship

Click here to download the Employer Toolkit.

If Employers, providers and wider stakeholders would like to learn more, please contact Marissa Lambert, Chair and Programme Lead,

You can access the Peer Worker Apprenticeship Standard here.