Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner – mandatory qualification

18 January, 2024

The apprenticeship for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner has been revised and updated in line with the National Curriculum for Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) Programmes, 4th Edition July 2022. The revised apprenticeship standard and end-point assessment plan are progressing through the approval processes with the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

Whilst the PWP apprenticeship already includes a qualification that apprentices must complete whilst on programme, it is evident that university providers have been using a range of different titles for the qualification. This will no longer be permitted with the revised standard.

The revised apprenticeship standard will specify the mandatory qualification as the L6 Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice. Going forward, no other qualification title will be permitted for use in the apprenticeship and for some university providers this will require an amendment to the title of their qualification.

With the introduction of the National Curriculum 4th Edition, university providers will already be revising their qualifications, and they will need to ensure that the title of the qualification is the L6 Certificate in Psychological Wellbeing Practice for their apprentices.

Apprentices who complete a qualification with any other title will not be able to progress through gateway to the end-point assessment and will not be able to complete the apprenticeship.

This applies to all providers of the Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner apprenticeship and compliance will be checked by the BPS in its capacity as the apprenticeship end-point assessment organisation.

Publication of the revised apprenticeship standard (and withdrawal of the current version) is expected in March/April 2024.

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