Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Changes

30 November, 2023

Before an apprentice starts their apprenticeship, their prior learning and experience must be assessed. This ensures that they are eligible to undertake the apprenticeship and that it is the right programme for them. Assessing the apprentice’s prior learning and experience helps to establish their starting point.

From 30th November 2023, the Department for Education (DfE) have announced that new and updated RPL questions will be included when training providers add an apprentice on the apprenticeship service. This change will help providers calculate RPL price reductions more accurately.

New and updated RPL questions:

From 30 November 2023, when a training provider is adding an apprentice to their account, they will be asked these RPL questions: 

  • EXISTING QUESTION: Is there any RPL for this apprenticeship? (Yes/No)

If you answer yes to this existing question, the training provider must answer the following questions:

  • NEW: Total off-the-job training time for this apprenticeship standard (Enter the total in hours)
  • NEW: Total reduction in off-the-job training time due to RPL (Enter the reduction in hours)
  • NEW: Have you reduced the actual apprenticeship duration due to RPL? (Yes/No)
  • UPDATED: If yes, how many weeks was the apprenticeship reduced by? (Enter the total in weeks)
  • UPDATED: Total price reduction due to RPL (Enter the price in whole pounds)

You can access this updated RPL guidance here and review all updates.