Registered Midwife Degree Apprenticeship evaluation

28 September, 2023

NHS England and the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) commissioned an evaluation of the benefits and costs of the Level 6 Midwife (Degree) – NMC 2019 apprenticeship. The report, written by Richard Griffin of Kings College London, is now available.

The apprenticeship scheme was first approved for delivery in 2018, with the first graduates completing their studies earlier this year.

It was found that the Level 6 Midwife (Degree) – NMC 2019 apprenticeship is contributing to an increase in the number of midwives in the NHS for a variety of reasons including through very low, often zero, attrition rates and the seamless transition of apprentices into work after the qualification.

It has also increased workforce diversity allowing particularly mature individuals, including those with caring responsibilities, to join the profession.

These reports can be accessed on the RCM website:

You can also visit the RCM (Royal College of Midwives) website and hear from the first cohort of MSWs (Maternity Support Workers) who have completed their apprenticeship into midwifery: