Disability at Work – Resources

30 November, 2023

Learners who are disabled, or have a disability, learning difference, or long term health condition may be able to access additional support in order to enable equitable access to education and employment in healthcare.

Our Disability at Work section, has resources for employers on how to support their staff in the workplace.

NHS England has funded access to the Empowerment Passport for Learners. (Please note that providers/employers that are interested would need to look at a corporate licence.)

The Diversity and Disability Toolkit goes through the process of applying for and accessing additional support, showing what to do and when. This Toolkit is useful for Health Professionals and learners.

You can also access gov.uk’s Apprentice Support Centre:  Support for Apprentices with a Learning Difficulty or Disability 

Visit our Disability at Work section to access further resources.