RoATP – Reapplication from May 2021 for all providers

17 February, 2021

The ESFA have confirmed that they will be implementing a series of changes to the register of apprenticeship training provider, this includes existing RoATP providers who will need to reapply to the register under a new set of criteria. This will take effect from May 2021.

The main changes to RoATP are as follows:

  • widening the current set of targeted entry conditions to the register to allow more training providers to enter the register where they can demonstrate they are catering to critical workers, and have a linked employer’s endorsement stating that the provision addresses the skills needs currently of greatest priority this will take effect from 1 March 2021 and will be kept under review as needed
  • consider removing any providers from the register that have not delivered training over the most recent 6 month period this will take effect from May 2021
  • requiring all remaining, active providers to reapply to the register, taking into account a new set of application criteria. Remaining providers will be invited to apply when the refresh commences from May 2021
  • As with the previous refresh, providers will be invited to reapply and ESFA intend to operate a phased reapplication approach throughout 2021 to 2022

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