Senior Healthcare Support Worker – Replacement qualification published

2 February, 2018

Skills for Health worked with Awarding Organisations in 2016/17 to review the health occupational competence qualifications. A new Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support is available and is the named qualification in the Senior Healthcare Support Worker Apprenticeship Standard. In England, this qualification replaces the Level 3 Diplomas in:

  • Clinical Health Support
  • Allied Health Profession Support
  • Maternity and Paediatric Support
  • Perioperative Support
  • Mental Health Care

Guidance for employers and apprentices can be found here.

At Level 2, a new Level 2 Diploma in Care has been developed which has shared mandatory units with adult care and optional units for both health and adult care to enable flexibility for employers. This qualification launched on 1st January 2018.

The Awarding Organisations that worked with Skills for Health are listed below:

For any queries about these qualifications, please contact your chosen Awarding Organisation.