Service Designer Apprenticeship Standard

13 September, 2023

Watch out for the first provision of the new Level 6 Service Designer apprenticeship standard, which was approved for delivery on 23rd March 2023.

Service Designers improve/redesign services currently offered or develop/design new service propositions to meet the needs of the user as well as the business and other stakeholders. Service designers take a user-centred, collaborative and exploratory approach to design the new service, iterating toward implementation. There has been a growing demand for service design skills to be embedded within culture and governance structures to support future ways of working.

“Service design is often assumed to be digital but it can add equal value for services in heath/care setting and which are delivered physically or remotely. It is a growing, skills shortage profession with relatively few in-depth training options. The apprenticeship represents an opportunity to affect long term change to make professional life better for staff and patients.”

Richard Goodwin, Managing Director, The JGA Group

The trailblazer was led by Adur & Worthing Council with plenty of input from the wider health sector especially the NHS, Quality Care Commission, Cancer Research and Public Health England.

There are currently 2 registered training providers.

Learning on this standard is expected:

You can access the Level 6 Service Designer apprenticeship standard here.