Standard of the Week – Dental Technician (Integrated) apprenticeship

7 June, 2023

The Level 5 Dental Technician (integrated) apprenticeship standard has been approved for delivery since 26th March 2015.

Dental Technicians design, manufacture, modify and repair custom-made dental appliances. Typically, the work is undertaken in a dental laboratory on a prescription from a dentist. The work can broadly be split into crown and bridge, dentures and orthodontics; most labs specialise in one or two of these areas but during the apprenticeship Dental Technicians will develop competency across all disciplines from start to finish before choosing if/where to specialise once they are qualified.

There is currently 1 registered training provider for this standard. 

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You can access the Level 5 Dental Technician (integrated) apprenticeship standard here.

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