Standard of the Week – Peer Worker

18 April, 2024

The Level 3 Peer Worker apprenticeship standard has been approved for delivery since 20th July 2022.

Peer Workers work alongside other professionals in hospital, justice and community settings, providing peer support for individuals using knowledge gained from their own lived experience of health or social problems and/or using services.

Peer support is founded on a non-coercive, human rights-based approach that focuses on building relationships. Working within clearly agreed boundaries, Peer Workers purposefully share their own experiences, and through the mutual sharing and commonality of experience, they can embody hopefulness. They maintain equality with, and work alongside, others facing similar experiences and challenges in their health and wellbeing. Their work is underpinned by mutuality and reciprocity, widely recognised as core principles of peer support, with the central focus being on building trusting relationships rather than intervention.

There are currently 8 registered training providers to offer this apprenticeship.

You can access information about applying to the APAR as an apprenticeship training provider.

Access the Peer Work Employer Toolkit and case studies.