Standard of the Week – Speech and Language Therapist

25 January, 2024

The Level 6 Speech and Language Therapist apprenticeship standard has been approved for delivery since 3rd July 2019.

Speech and Language Therapists apply evidence-based science to improve outcomes and quality of life for people with speech, language, communication needs (SLCN), voice, fluency, and/or eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. Communication and eating and drinking difficulties can have a significant impact on someone’s life from birth to death. There is huge variety in roles; some speech and language therapists work with children to identify and develop their communication difficulties so they can reach their full potential, whereas others work with adults with conditions that affect their communication and/or swallowing, such as stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s, or support those with learning disabilities to communicate. Others might carry out research, work in specialist medical units, or provide advice on communication aids, for example, to children with cerebral palsy

There are currently 3 registered training providers for this standard.

From 1st August 2023, the Department for Education has merged RoATP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) and RoEPAO (Register of End Point Assessment Organisations) and is now called APAR (Apprenticeship Provider and Assessment Register).

You access information about applying to the APAR as an apprenticeship training provider.

You can access the Level 6 Speech and Language Therapist apprenticeship standard here.

You can also further guidance and resources on our Speech and Language Therapy page.