T-Level Announcements

15 February, 2023

T-Levels are a level three technical education route that provide an alternative to A-levels for 16-19-year-olds. One T Level is equivalent to three A levels.

A one-year Employer Support Fund is being launched to enable providers to reimburse employers for costs incurred in delivering Industry Placements in the 2023-24 financial year, worth around £12m.

There has been a 10% Uplift announced on T Level funding for the 2023-4 Academic Year – worth around £30m. Providers will see this in their 16-19 funding allocations that will come over the next few weeks as usual. Click here for further information.

At least £80m in Specialist Equipment Allocation is to be allocated to providers delivering T Levels in 2023. Providers will receive a letter setting out their allocation later this month. Click here for further information.

Visit our T-Level page for further guidance and resources.