The NHS Apprenticeship Levy Study: the 2022 edition

9 March, 2023

Health Education England and BPP have collaborated to produce a second Apprenticeship Levy study.

The first NHS Apprenticeship study was released in March 2018 and can be accessed here. In 2018 there was a great deal of uncertainty about apprenticeships. Many people in the NHS, especially those in clinical roles, had little experience of the levy.

This 2022 study investigates 2018 predictions and provides a more up-to-date picture of apprenticeship usage in the NHS.

To create this study, representatives of trusts were asked to reflect on the last four years and comment on the ways that trusts have used the Apprenticeship Levy, the standards they use now, and the successes and challenges they’ve experienced.

Click here to access the 2022 report.

Both of these reports can also be accessed in our Funding and Levy section.

You can learn more about BPP here who collaborated on this report.