The NHS Procurement and Commercial Digital Academy

31 August, 2023

The use of data and analytics within procurement is recognised as an essential skill and there are an increasing number of roles dedicated to managing procurement systems and the production of intelligence to support the function.

The NHS Procurement and Commercial Digital Academy offer will support those staff members who want to further their skills and knowledge in data and analytics. Offering three entry points and qualifications, the programme can fit an individual and organisation’s specific needs. The programmes are focussed on supporting individuals to take the new digital and data skills being learned, as part of the academy, and apply the skills directly to their specific role. This enables them to drive impact for their organisation and the NHS broadly.

How to Find Out Further Information

To find out more about the free skills analysis or the apprenticeship schemes, the Central Commercial Function is offering information sessions throughout September with Multiverse. These MS Teams sessions are focussed to take leaders, apprenticeship leads and line managers through the schemes available to them.

To register for one of the September sessions, please use the following links.

If you would like further information in the meantime, please see the dedicated website here or CCF Hub pages here.