Transversal skills in person-centred care – Survey

14 November, 2017

Transversal skills in person-centred care – how are they used in practice?

This exploratory survey is aimed at Nurses and Senior Healthcare Support Workers, healthcare practice teachers and FE and HEI tutors delivering vocational healthcare learning.

This survey asks you to tell us how you think transversal skills are used in practice.

Skills are ‘transversal’ when they ‘cut across’ work roles, and (in healthcare for example) are used alongside specific technical or clinical skills associated with different health occupations, at all levels. For example, ‘gathering evidence to assist in obtaining a client history’ could involve reading, writing and data analysis, as well as different forms of communication with a patient and carers.

We know that when we ask Nurses and Senior Healthcare Support workers to describe how they do their work, they are likely to refer to transversal skills (though they probably don’t use that term). This survey is a way for us to learn from your experience to see how transversal skills work in different healthcare roles. It is an exploratory study only and everything you tell us will be confidential.

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