Small Business Travel Fund

19 July, 2017

Update from the Institute for Apprenticeships

Now that they are able to start processing claims, their new finance team have identified that they will need to amend their process, update their guidance and use new claim forms to proceed with payment of these claims. Their guidance will be updated in due course.

  • Customers waiting to be paid:

In the case of the outstanding claims, all they require is for you to complete the BAN1i bank details form and email it direct to: so that you can be set up as a payee. They will then be able to process and pay your existing claim.

  • New Claims – Process:

To make a new Small Business Travel Fund claim, please complete the BAN1i form and email it directly to: They will also need to complete the IFA Claim Form and return it to: Small Business Travel Claims, Standards Development Team, Institute for Apprenticeships, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SZ together with any supporting documents.

Further information about claims is also available in the how to guide.