UCAS launches new apprenticeship service

19 October, 2023

From 18th October individuals who login to their UCAS Students account will now see the most relevant apprenticeship opportunities for them alongside degree courses. Individuals will be able to search for an apprenticeship and view vacancies. This means that potential candidates will be able to view their options all in one place.

UCAS have also released some survey findings around the launch of this new service. Nearly three in five (59%) of young people in Years 9-12 were considering an apprenticeship. Survey respondents said they wanted more information about how much they will earn (39%), how to choose an apprenticeship (37%) and how the application process works (36%).

UCAS figures show the number of users searching for apprenticeships soared by 62.4% compared to the same point last year (81,023 in 2023 vs 49,881 in 2022) while views of apprenticeship roles increased by 85% (108,978 in 2023 vs 58,666 in 2022).

You can learn more here.