You asked, we answered!

19 August, 2019

We get lots of different enquiries every week and thought it would be helpful to share some with you. Some of them are:

Q. Are there midwifery apprenticeships available in Scotland?

✓ No, sorry the apprenticeship standards listed on Healthcare Apprenticeship Standards Online (HASO) are England only. You can find out about apprenticeships in other countries here:

Q. Hi, I am an Assistant Practitioner band 4 and I am very interested to pursue my Nursing degree. Please can you give me more information on how to apply for apprenticeships?

✓ Employers recruit locally to apprenticeships. You can see some examples of websites where you can apply for apprenticeships here and  you can download the Registered Nurse standard here which includes entry information.

Q.  Are the apprenticeships listed on HASO for NHS employees only?

✓ No, Apprenticeships are open to new and existing staff. Anyone over the age of 16 (not in full time education) and living in England can apply for one. They are recruited to locally – find employers who are currently advertising vacancies here.

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