ST0564 – L7 Advanced Clinical Practitioner Degree – Assessment Plan AP02

Contents (Date Updated: 03/04/2023)

2.Apprenticeship structure
3.Gateway to End Point Assessment
4. Criteria for progression to EPA
5. End Point Assessment
6. End-point Assessment Organisation: Roles and Responsibilities
7. Table 3: Roles and responsibilities in EPA
8. End Point Assessment Methods
9. Open Book Examination
10. Presentation of Practice
11. Re-sits/re-takes
12. Grading
13. Table 5: Examples of overall apprenticeship grading
14. Table 6: Grading Criteria
15. End Point Assessment Organisation – Internal Quality Assurance
16. External Quality Assurance
17. Regulation
18. Implementation (a) Affordability (b) Volumes
19. Annexe A: Knowledge, skills and behaviours attributed to End Point Assessment for the Advanced Clinical Practitioner (1) Open Book Examination (2) Presentation of Practice
20. Annexe B: Example Open Book Examination Question Paper
21. Annexe C: Open Book Examination Case Study template