Looking back

21 December, 2017

It has been a busy year at Skills for Health. Following the successful development of the Healthcare Support Worker, Senior Healthcare Support Worker and Assistant Practitioner (Health) standards at the end of 2016, the pace of development has increased significantly. A rush of standards have been explored during 2017, especially at degree level.

A broad range of proposals for new standards have been approved while the Registered Nurse (Degree) and Nursing Associate standards have come to the end of the development process, approved for delivery and ready to use.

Overall this year Health Education England and Skills for Health have helped the health sector work on 21 new standards. Our 11 Skills for Health facilitators have engaged with over 470 employers, 100 Higher Education Institutions and 140 stakeholders.

2018 is likely to be just as busy as we continue to work on the majority of these standards as well as at least 3 more which are still at pre-proposal stage.

The HASO website was also developed in 2017. It has been very well received with over 1800 people signing up to our newsletter to date.

Thank you to everyone involved in all the projects for your continued hard work and support.  Below is a snapshot of the work to date, including some photos of you in action:

Proposals awaiting feedback

Proposals approved

Standards approved with conditions (yet to be published)

Standards awaiting feedback

Standard approved, Assessment Plans in development or awaiting feedback

Standards approved for delivery and ready to use